Technical service

GR Barcelona offers an official technical service for Rolex in an exclusive space of more than 40m2, equipped with the most state-of-the-art machinery and newest technology, to ensure the optimum performance of Rolex watches over time.

In order to meet all the servicing requirements of its watches, Rolex has developed a large network of service centres and official distributors, carefully selected for their experience and rigorous professionalism.
This network includes approximately 4,000 watchmakers, four of them located in GR Barcelona, trained by qualified Rolex staff.

The servicing process is designed to ensure that every watch that leaves the Rolex workshop of GR Barcelona, meets the original aesthetic and functional specifications.

Each mechanism is completely checked, the cases and bracelets are meticulously polished or satin-polished to restore their original finishing as well as to guarantee precision and waterproofness, and the watches are rigorously tested to guarantee the requirements of quality and reliability that are expected from a Rolex.

The GR Barcelona service centre offers a 100% guarantee of meticulous care that characterizes the Swiss Company.